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Pregnancy and childbirth puts a lot of strain on your body, both physically and mentally. Project 6 Pack Fit 4 Mummies is designed to help you get back to being you. Our specially designed 6 week courses work in harmony with your body, taking all new mummies needs in to account.

Our health visitor approved diet plan is tailored to suit those breast feeding, however we also have a plan for those who aren’t not.

Our new mummies fitness classes are designed to help you build up strength and fitness at a safe speed which suits your personal needs.
Fit 4 mummies classes are friendly, fun and supportive. A great way for you and your baby to socialise and make new friends.
The best part is, we also run a mum and toddler class, so your little ones can grow up with us! Fit 4 mum & plus ones is designed for those with babies one year and above, who are much more mobile! These classes are also a little higher impact, although still suitable for all levels of fitness.

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